Rare Earths

Rare Earths or Lanthanides are a group of 17 elements from Lanthanum to Lutetium (15) plus Yttrium and Scandium. The following high pure rare earth compounds are being produced at Rare Earths Division in Kerala:



Cerous Carbonate 2N
(99% purity on REO basis)

*Glass and glass polishing

Lanthanum Carbonate
(99% purity on REO basis)

* Fuel Cracking catalyst
* Glass
* Ceramics
* Alloys
* Batteries

Nd-Pr Oxalate (Dry)/Oxide 
(99.9% purity on REO basis)
(Nd2O3 70~85% and Pr6O11 15~30%)

* Metals and alloys for production of rare earth magnets
Last Updated On 27/09/2019